DUI bracelets: All the rage in Tennessee drunk driving cases?

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reports on what might be a positive trend for DUI offenders in Tennessee. Sure, each arrest and charge has its own set of circumstances, but overall, if something is keeping men and women out of jail while also protecting the community, it could be considered a win-win situation, right?

DUI courts aren’t new to using technology to keep track of defendants or convicted DUI offenders. Monitoring devices are meant to keep track of people’s location and even their sobriety. They can protect society while leaving room in jails or prisons for more serious offenders.

Today, monitoring bracelets are reportedly so advanced that wearers’ sobriety is detected by authorities immediately. The advancement in the tracking devices, according to those who support their use, deters convicted offenders or defendants from using alcohol. Why? If they drink, authorities will know right away. They could not only put them in jail but also take away their driver’s licenses the moment they detect parole or probation violations.

The immediate nature of the devices also serves as better protection for the community wherein wearers are driving. Supporters of a heavier dependence on the monitoring bracelets go so far as to suggest that the devices help get people sober and, therefore, less likely to commit multiple DUI offenses in Tennessee.

Defendants’ goals in their drunk driving cases are up to them and their DUI defense lawyers. Avoiding incarceration and the suspension or revocation of a license are common, valid and sometimes attainable goals. A Tennessee DUI lawyer could explain the possible alternative of a monitoring bracelet to someone facing DUI charges.

Source: Chattanooga Times Free Press, “Bracelets monitor alcohol consumption,” Todd South, Jan. 25, 2014

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