Tennessee Highway Patrol launches Drive to Zero campaign

The Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP) and the Governor’s Highway Safety Office have announced their “Drive to Zero” campaign, which is designed to reduce highway traffic fatalities to zero.

This may seem a somewhat optimistic goal, but the aim of the campaign is laudable, as traffic fatalities remain a significant problem, with thousands of deaths occurring every year on the nation’s streets and highways.

The TNP and local police and sheriff’s departments will work together to allocate resources to locations where they are most needed. Part of the Drive to Zero campaign’s goal is to reduce drunk driving and DUI incidents. This means law enforcement agencies throughout the state will focus on times and locations when drunk driving may be most prevalent.

At a press conference from THP District 7, the district commander noted that with the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, troopers would be looking for drunk drivers and anyone showing signs of impaired driving.

Some parts of Tennessee could see DUI checkpoints this weekend, as law enforcement personnel stop vehicles to determine if the driver is intoxicated. While the police typically need a reasonable suspicion to stop a vehicle, checkpoints allow them to stop everyone on a street or highway to examine the driver for signs of intoxication.

As well intentioned as campaigns like Drive to Zero are, there is always the risk of police overreach and there is always the potential for law enforcement to arrest sober drivers and charged them with a DUI to demonstrate their effectiveness.

Because of the severe consequences to a DUI arrest and conviction, most people contact an attorney, who can help them determine the best strategy to minimize the effects of such an arrest.

Source:, “THP aims to reduce traffic fatalities,” Tim Hodge, May 20, 2014

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