No one is immune to being charged with a DUI

DUIs are democratic. No, we don’t mean the political party, we mean that they cut across all demographic lines, rich and poor, famous and unknown, young and old. Sometimes we will be shocked that a well-known politician or celebrity is stopped for drinking and driving. Others may be less unexpected.

Some of those arrested may have a substance abuse problem and have been charged with DUIs more than once. Others may have the misfortune to over-indulge at a bar or party and be arrested their first time.

But of all those who may be arrested for a DUI, none is more surprising than when a law enforcement officer is charged with driving under the influence. A Tipton County Sheriff’s Deputy has been fired after he crashed his marked sheriff’s department cruiser with his six-year-old son in the vehicle.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol is conducting an investigation into the accident, which occurred in the vicinity of a previous traffic stop, where Sheriff’s Deputies noticed another two-car crash involving a marked police vehicle.

They found the driver was a deputy sheriff who had been drinking. His son was in the front seat, unrestrained. He is now facing multiple charges including DUI and child endangerment. The Tennessee Department of Children’s Services will also be investigating the incident due to the presence of his son during the crash.

DUIs can occur because of rare indiscretion with alcohol to someone with a serious substance abuse problem. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is often very poor at differentiating between the two., “Deputy fired after DUI crash in squad car involving his 6-year-old son,” Janice Broach, January 2, 2014

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