Increases in Chattanooga and Tennessee DUI arrests

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) announced that DUI arrests increased in Chattanooga, both by local police and Tennessee Highway Patrol (THP). The report also showed more arrests across the state, with 29,554 in 2014, which was up by 639 from 2013.

The Chattanooga Police Department made 944 arrests and the THP, District 2, which includes Chattanooga, had 1,238 DUI arrests. Law enforcement officials credit the increase to better use of technology, which allows them to target specific areas that the software predicts will have a greater concentration of DUI accidents.

The numbers are not a record for Tennessee DUI arrests, as they did not reach the level of those arrested in 2012, when almost 33,000 arrests were made. The Times Free Press reports that only about 8 percent of the arrests from last year had made it to court and received a final disposition.

But for those charged with a DUI, the telling number is 88 percent were either convicted or pled guilty to DUI or a lesser charge. However, every case is different, and you never know where your case could end up.

Because of the consequences of a DUI, including possible incarceration, fines, loss of your license and increased insurance costs, you should never make a decision in your case without advice of counsel.

If you decide to plea to a lesser charge, you need to fully understand the ramifications of such a plea. If you decide to go to trial, you want to know what your chances are of success and likely penalty if you are not acquitted.

The THP and local police are likely use their technology to focus more intently on further increases this year with DUI law enforcement and arrests., “TBI: DUI arrests rise in city, Tennessee in 2014,” Shelly Bradbury, January 28, 2015

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