DUI stop becomes legal ‘perfect storm’ for Mt. Juliet man

The definition of perfect usually suggests something positive. Perfection is something to strive for, but in the context of the phrase “The Perfect Storm,” nothing could be further from the norm.

Especially since the release of the movie of that title in 2000, what the idiom has come to describe a convergence of events that ends in a very bad situation. And this seems to describe well the situation that a man from Mt. Juliet finds himself in right now. In addition to facing what appears to be a charge of violating the implied consent law, the man faces additional criminal allegations.

It should be noted that the only details available about this case at this time are based on information provided by the Tennessee Highway Patrol. But the array of accusations being leveled is massive. And since even a single criminal charge can result in very serious consequences, this case stands out in reinforcing why it’s wise to always seek experienced legal representation.

According to the THP, the events played out late last month, early on a Friday morning. It began with the stop of the 33-year-old defendant in Wilson County. Authorities say they suspected him of driving under the influence.

The patrol says the man fled from the stop and a high-speed chase followed. In the course of the chase there was a collision between the suspect car and patrol unit. It all ended in Smith County after authorities deployed spike strips.

A report by NewsChannel 5 says a series of issues, including the fact that the defendant had a woman in his vehicle at the time, led authorities to book the man on charges that include: reckless endangerment, evidence tampering, vandalism to state property, driving under the influence, a sixth offense of driving on a revoked license, aggravated kidnapping and domestic assault, aggravated assault on an officer, speeding and more.

Each case is unique. This one is more unusual than most and likely will require an exceptional strategy to achieve the most favorable possible result.

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