DUI charges have serious consequences in Tennessee

When people are charged with driving under the influence, it is essential that they retain experienced criminal defense representation. This is because drunk driving charges are a grave matter that may lead to having a criminal record in the state of Tennessee. Those accused of DUI may also have their driver’s licenses suspended, have to spend time in jail and face other severe criminal penalties.

A variety of charges can be filed against a person reportedly involved in a DUI incident. These charges can include first-time DUI or felony DUI. They can also include DUI drugs, underage DUI or DUI with injury/accident. An attorney can also provide an aggressive defense against charges involving vehicular homicide related to DUI, as well as representation at hearings regarding the suspension of a driver’s license.

DUI arrests have many stages that should receive close examination. The first stage is the event that led to the traffic stop. The second stage is the first contact that took place between the driver and officer, which includes any demands that a police officer made of the driver during the traffic stop. The third stage concerns the standard field sobriety tests.

DUI law in Tennessee is highly technical. However, an attorney can challenge the evidence that the prosecution presents, including whether a vehicle stop was valid, along with challenging the results of blood tests, Breathalyzer tests or field sobriety tests. It is essential to pursue legal guidance early on so as to file the required motions for preserving blood samples, radio traffic recordings or video recordings involving your traffic stop.

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