Detective faces drunk driving charges

Criminal charges have been filed against a police detective in Tennessee who is accused of drinking and driving. In light of his drunk driving charges, the detective was recently decommissioned from his police department. The man facing charges is 51 years old.

According to police, the detective was not on duty at the time of his arrest. Authorities reportedly found the man sleeping on a Sunday in an unmarked police vehicle. He was in the driver’s seat of the car in a parking lot at a convenience store.

Police reported noting the smell of alcohol coming from the vehicle. The detective allegedly told police that he had hit a median on a parkway and damaged one of the car’s tires. According to authorities, the man reportedly failed field sobriety tests and did not want to complete a breath test. He now faces charges of DUI, possessing a gun while intoxicated, leaving an accident scene and violating the implied consent law.

When a person in the state of Tennessee faces drunk driving charges, he or she has the right to proceed to trial to aggressively fight the charges. Alternatively, the defendant may seek to negotiate a plea deal with the prosecution, which may offer the benefit of lesser charges and thus a more lenient sentence for the accused than what would typically result following a guilty verdict at trial. In either situation, the criminal defense will fight for an outcome that is ultimately in the best interest of the client considering the circumstances surrounding the criminal case.

Source:, “Nashville detective charged with DUI, decommissioned”, May 3, 2016

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