Man accused of DUI after found in parked running car

One man is facing charges of driving under the influence in Tennessee. The alleged DUI incident occurred on a recent Friday. According to police, the man was discovered slumped over his steering wheel in a running automobile.

Police said they were called to one block of a road to check on the welfare of a man who was seen sitting slumped over inside his vehicle. When authorities arrived, they reportedly saw a 41-year-old man lying on the vehicle’s steering wheel. The vehicle was parked on the roadway.

Police reported that the man responded to them and was able to get out of the vehicle. He was later found to allegedly possess methamphetamine along with a large sum of cash. The man was taken into custody on charges of having drugs that he intended to resell, possessing drugs and DUI.

When a person in the state of Tennessee is accused of DUI, he or she may go to trial to fight the allegations if the person believes this to be in his or her best interests. If appropriate to the defendant’s circumstances, the criminal defense, however, might explore the chance to strike a plea deal with the prosecution. A plea agreement might offer the advantage of a lighter sentence for the defendant than what would usually be imposed following a verdict of guilt after trial. Whether a defendant strikes a plea deal or goes to trial, defense counsel will push for an outcome that is ultimately in his or her best interests.

Source:, “Greeneville man faces DUI, drug charges after deputies find him slumped over in running vehicle“, May 13, 2016

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