Alleged DUI accident leads to charges for woman

According to police, a fatality related to driving under the influence recently occurred in Tennessee. This alleged DUI fatality was one of a total of 41 collisions that took place during the Memorial holiday enforcement campaign of one police department in the state. The woman who died in this vehicle crash was 60 years old.

The three-vehicle collision took place shortly after 12:20 a.m. on a Saturday. Police said the 60-year-old woman passed away at a medical center. Charges were pending against a 23-year-old woman. She was also taken to a medical center for treatment after suffering several injuries in the crash.

The third driver involved in the collision suffered no injuries. According to police, the accident happened when the woman believed responsible was driving a car west in the lanes going east on a roadway. She ended up sideswiping the third motorist. Her car then crashed head-on into the older woman’s car. Police continued to investigate the crash.

In the police department’s recent holiday enforcement campaign in Tennessee, 10 drivers received citations for DUI. When a person is accused of DUI, he or she may proceed to trial to fight the allegation. At trial, defense counsel might question the accuracy of any field sobriety tests performed at the scene of the individual’s arrest. For instance, the tests might not have been administered properly, or external factors might have impacted their results. Due to the potentially severe consequences that may accompany a guilty verdict, a thorough review of the evidence the prosecution plans to offer in support of its accusations might be a chief focus of criminal defense counsel.

Source:, “Woman killed in DUI-related Memorial Day weekend crash”, Mark Bergin, June 1, 2016

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