Your financial life is at stake in a DUI case

When it comes to drunk driving charges, many people only see, and think about, the surface. They see the drunk driver and just think “oh, that person is guilty.” They think about the penalties the driver will face, and they think “well, they deserve it.” However, as with most issues in life, there is so much more beneath the surface of a DUI charge that these simple judgments and opinions fail to capture.

Consider for a moment the total financial cost of a DUI. We aren’t talking about just the fines associated with the charge itself. Think about the whole picture.

First, there are all the fees, fines and costs associated with being arrested and having your vehicle impounded. Then you have the costs associated with losing your license and setting court dates and having your day in court. There are fees for any jail time you may serve, in addition to fees for attending alcohol treatment and education classes. If you are placed on probation or have ignition interlock, then you’re paying for that too. How about the blood or urine test that confirmed your DUI? Yep, that comes out of your wallet as well. And then think about having to take alternate forms of transportation (buses, taxis or ride-sharing apps).

There are so many financial aspects to a DUI — and we haven’t even mentioned the spike in insurance premiums that always occur after someone is charged with drunk driving. Given the massive financial implications of such a charge, you have to fight the allegations as best you can. There are thousands and thousands of dollars on the line. Consult with an attorney as soon as possible when you are accused of driving under the influence.

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