Let knowledge protect you from the risk of holiday DUI arrest

The Fourth of July is the big celebration of the summer. Fortunately, the fun begins in just a couple of days. You are hopefully looking forward to a long weekend and special time with family and friends, and enjoying the summer heat.

Beyond the heat of Tennessee summers, however, is the different kind of heat that will surely be out on Tennessee roadways. This holiday is prime time for police to put more DUI patrols on the roads. Therefore, it is prime time for you to remember some quick points in case you get arrested for suspicion of drunk driving this weekend.

It is completely normal for you to be worried and afraid if investigated for DUI. A conviction has serious consequences. It can provide comfort if you know your rights and what you should do if put in that daunting legal situation.

As you likely know, the first thing police will ask you is for you to hand them your driver’s license and proof of registration. Do that. Basically, you have to pull over and provide those items. What you do not have to do, however, is anything that might incriminate you.

Speaking and answering questions, for example, is not required. You have the right to remain silent. An officer might ask you if you’ve been drinking and how many drinks you had. Don’t feel like you have to answer. It is within your rights not to.

Also, it is within your rights not to perform the field sobriety tests, the activities, which officers will try to impose on you. Field sobriety tests (like balancing on one foot) are different than a blood or breath test. If you are asked to perform either of those, it can be in your best interest to comply. Not doing so could result in the suspension of your driver’s license. Though, as our prior post outlines, refusing a blood test should only be punished if police have a warrant to obtain that sample.

Lastly, a crucial but basic tip is for you to reach out to a DUI defense lawyer as soon as possible. The sooner you talk to someone the better. You will have fresher knowledge about what happened, such as why you were pulled over in the first place. A defense attorney can begin building your case and trying to protect your future.

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