Arm patch designed to detect alcohol levels and prevent DWI

Although a driving under the influence charge can have a devastating impact on a person’s life, Tennesse residents may be interested to learn that an Albuquerque company has developed a patch designed to detect alcohol levels through a person’s sweat. DermaTec created its ONUSBlue patch to help ensure that an intoxicated driver does not get behind the wheel of a car.

The ONUSBlue patch operates on a simple principle. By detecting alcohol in a person’s system through his or her sweat, the patch starts to change color as the alcohol level increases. The color indicator can eventually reach a point that advises that a wearer should not be operating a car due to alcohol consumption.

Those associated with DermaTec maintain that the patch has great possibilities. Not only can individuals take advantage of the product, but nightclubs, bars, restaurants, and other establishments can also obtain customized patches. The people behind DermaTec believe that keeping intoxicated drivers off the road can be a community effort.

The firm has received some grant funding to manufacture the patches. However, making the patches available on a larger scale depends upon the company obtaining some additional financing and finding a manufacturer that can produce large quantities of the product.

Sanctions and penalties in DWI cases are progressive, meaning fines, periods of incarceration and other penalties increase with each successive conviction. The serious nature of drunk driving charges charges, even for a first-time case, indicates that a person facing such charges may want to contact a DWI attorney who understands the intricacies of these laws. Such an attorney may be able to help the party attain a favorable resolution, including the possibility of having the charges dropped.

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