How alcohol rules can cut down on teen drinking

According to a study presented at the annual meeting of the American Sociological Association in August 2016, young people in Tennessee and around the country whose parents have rules about alcohol consumption might be less likely to drink alcohol than those whose parents do not have rules. The study surveyed approximately 1,100 teenagers and young adults in seven states and found that about 58 percent of them had parents who had clear rules about drinking.

Those participants were 35 percent less likely to have gone to parties that included alcohol in the previous 30 days that those whose parents did not have such rules. Around 60 percent of the participants in all had attended parties with alcohol within the prior month, but the ones from families with alcohol rules were almost 40 percent less likely to drink than participants whose parents had no such boundaries.

Since this research is preliminary, experts suggested ways that future studies could be expanded. One suggested doing research into parents’ drinking histories, the families’ religion affiliations and the birth order of the participants. Furthermore, future research might look into what kinds of rules are most effective. For example, it might examine whether families’ rules were more specific ones forbidding alcohol use or more general ones that prohibited young people from attending parties. Experts say reducing drinking is important because it cuts down on the likelihood of drunk driving and related issues.

Drunk driving charges can be serious whatever the age of the person facing them. They could lead to fines, a requirement for an ignition interlock device on the car or even jail time. A person facing these types of charges might want to consult an attorney. The attorney might challenge the procedures used in taking the person into custody or the results of a blood or breath test. A plea bargain might also be an option. This allows a person to plead guilty to lesser charges with reduced penalties.

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