What more should you know about blood/breath tests in Tennessee?

The fact alone that we have spent at least three blog posts discussion Tennessee’s implied consent laws should tell you something: the law is complex, and an experienced DUI defense lawyer is important to have by your side when facing an arrest or charge.

For now, here is some more advice about blood and breath tests in regards to a potential DUI case against you. Certain strategies and preparation could help you mitigate your potential drunk or drugged driving case:

Prepare for an arrest

We don’t want to say that law enforcement is bad, but we do want to press you to not necessarily trust the police have positive intentions for your future. You are your best advocate when faced with a possible arrest or DUI charge.

For example, even if you take a blood or breath test with supposed passing numbers (below 0.08), police might still find reason to arrest and charge you. If you seemed too “under the influence” to operate a vehicle and/or witnesses gave reason to believe you were drunk, such testimony and observations could support an officer’s case to arrest and charge you.

Get a copy

Similar to what is suggested above, don’t trust others to work to serve your best interests. Only you and your criminal defense lawyer will have protecting your interests as a priority.

Therefore, don’t rely solely on the chemical tests run by law enforcement or the state. Tennessee law allows DUI suspects the right to have a sample specimen of their own in order to get tested by an independent source. A difference in opinion or test result could help you in your DUI defense.


There are various ways to put together and present an aggressive DUI defense. An experienced drunk driving lawyer is an invaluable source of creating a strategy that will help protect your future and your rights.

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