How speed filters affect safety behind the wheel

Motorists in Tennessee who have access to the Snapchat speed filter may want to be aware that the novel application has been linked to deadly driving events. Although use of the popular social media platform’s app might divert a driver’s attention from the roadway, there appears to be greater concern that the speed filter could actually encourage drivers to accelerate to dangerous speeds.

The filter allows motorists to display the speed of their vehicles while posting selfies. Snapchat claims that it discourages the use of the filter from behind the wheel, and a warning message appears in the app whenever a user accelerates to speeds in excess of 15 mph. However, a blogger for Safer America, a safety outreach organization, suggests that the filter’s direct purpose lies in documenting travel at excessive speeds for posting on social media.

Following at least two serious incidents in which the app may have been a factor, some lawmakers at the state level have been considering whether its use can be legally restricted. In one state, however, a bill that specifically prohibited “snapping and driving” has been postponed after failing to pass in 2016. A motion for dismissal of one lawsuit was filed when Snapchat logs showed that the app wasn’t in use at or around the time of the associated accident.

car wreck could potentially have catastrophic consequences for all involved. In the event that an individual is seriously hurt in connection with an incident in which the Snapchat speed filter was being used by another driver, an attorney may be able to establish liability in the case. Counsel could then help the injured individual prepare and file a personal injury lawsuit seeking damages from the appropriate parties.

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