Drunk drivers more likely to be on the road over the holiday

When holidays fall on Fridays, it often increases the potential for Tennessee residents to be involved in car accidents. People often drink around holidays, and when holidays fall right before or on a weekend, it makes it that much more likely that individuals will celebrate with alcohol. Unfortunately, many people get into their car even after they’ve had too much to drink to drive safely.

Data from Alcohol Monitoring Systems indicates that, around St. Patrick’s Day, drinking violations increase by 17 percent compared to the average violation rate. The numbers are expected to be even higher this year because the holiday falls on a Friday instead of in the middle of the week.

The information comes from an analysis of data from 540,000 repeat DUI offenders who are monitored by bracelets. Data covers the last 14 years, and the system tests individuals for alcohol consumption every 30 minutes. This information is collected so that analysts can study how different factors affect people’s likelihood of drinking violations.

People who are issued drunk driving charges are probably facing misdemeanor charges. However, this does not mean that people shouldn’t take their charges seriously. Even a conviction for a misdemeanor drunk driving charge can lead to large fines and jail time. Individuals convicted also often have their driving privileges suspended and are required to install ignition interlock devices into their vehicle. A lawyer could explain to clients what the penalties are if they are convicted of these charges.

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