Yaz side effects and lawsuits

Tennessee residents who use Yaz for birth control or to treat moderate acne may be interested to learn that a number of side effects have been documented. As a result, the Food and Drug Administration has issued warnings and thousands of lawsuits against the company have been filed.

As with any type of medication, Yaz does have some known side effects. Bayer, the company that produces the medication, disclosed that some of the side effects could include weight gain and nausea. However, some women have experienced other side effects that could potentially be life-threatening, including blood clots, breast cancer, high blood pressure and heart attacks. While Bayer stated that these side effects occurred very infrequently, the thousands of lawsuits that have been filed suggested otherwise.

According to the lawsuits, users of Yaz claimed that the manufacturer did not properly warn them of the increased risks for blood clots and other side effects. Some of the lawsuits argued that Bayer actually misrepresented the benefits of the pill, leading doctors to describe it and patients to use it. Others claimed breach of warranty by arguing that the medication was not reasonably safe. Relatives of women who died after taking Yaz have also filed lawsuits against Bayer for the death of their loved one.

If a drug is shown to be defective and causes a serious injury as a result, an attorney may assist with filing a lawsuit against the manufacturer. If the injury occurred after a person used a drug that is shown to have side effects, like Yaz, the attorney may assist with gathering any evidence that shows a connection between the side effect and the drug that was taken. Injured patients can potentially seek compensation for their medical costs and other associated losses.

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