EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. recall expanded to the U.S.

Tennessee residents who rely on EpiPens to help them deal with sudden life-threatening allergic reactions should be aware that Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that distributes the device, has issued a recall. It affects certain lots of EpiPens and the children’s version EpiPen Jr. that were sold in seven countries, including the United States.

Mylan first issued a recall in late March after two consumers reported that their EpiPens did not work when they suffered allergic reactions. Although both individuals survived after seeking medical attention, the company opted to voluntarily recall the devices that could be affected. This first recall did not affect devices sold in the U.S. However, Mylan reported that the recall would be expanded to include the U.S. and certain areas of South America, Europe and Asia.

The affected EpiPens were reportedly distributed between December 2015 and July 2016. The company noted that the new generic EpiPens that it has released are not affected by the recall and could be used as a replacement for defective EpiPens. This recall follows an intense scrutiny into the company’s practices after it was noticed that the cost of the EpiPens were rapidly increasing. The company defended the price hike, stating that increased costs were associated with increased quality control.

Companies are responsible for ensuring that the product they make and sell is safe for use by consumers. If a person suffers serious injuries due to a product defect, the company that made the product is often held financially responsible. An attorney can assist with proceeding with a lawsuit against the company if the case cannot be settled out of court.

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