Signs that could indicate nursing home neglect

When a Tennessee family puts a loved one in a nursing home, they expect the facility to provide the daily care the person needs, including assistance with eating and basic hygiene. Unfortunately, nursing home neglect is a serious issue that occurs at many facilities across the nation. Family members who have loved ones in nursing homes should look for specific signs of neglect.

First, family members should look for poor personal hygiene. This could indicate the facility does not have enough staff or the staff members are not properly trained to provide appropriate healthcare. Unsanitary living conditions are another red flag, as facilities are required to provide clean and safe living conditions for their residents. Third, poor nutrition could also be an indication of neglect.

Lack of mobility is a serious issue for elderly nursing home residents. Staff should be trained to help residents get the exercise they need and remain as active as physically possible. If the residents are not getting around, they may be suffering from neglect. Unexplained injuries are a likely indicator of neglect too. These could indicate staff members are not helping residents with daily living tasks or that the residents were not being properly supervised.

Nursing homes are required to follow certain guidelines when caring for elderly residents. However, there are cases where a facility does not have enough staff to provide proper care or does not properly train employees. When residents experience nursing home neglect, they are at risk for suffering unexplained injuries that could negatively impact their health and mobility. If you have evidence of neglect and it resulted in a serious injury to an elderly resident, you might want to consult with an attorney. We would be glad to speak with you.

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