Caution: Most vehicles with faulty Takata airbags remain unrepaired

The holidays are the last time of the year when you want to worry about defective car parts. Unfortunately, there continue to be problems with the massive Takata airbag recall. According to an independent monitor, almost two-thirds of U.S. vehicles with the company’s defective airbag inflators have not been fixed. The independent monitor overseeing the

Beware of DUI patrols at Thanksgiving

Most people mentally associate Thanksgiving with turkey, football, family, friends and fun. We envision eating too much, honoring family traditions, snagging deals on Black Friday, and kicking off the Christmas holiday season. Celebrating also often involves alcohol. Indeed, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving is colloquially referred to as “Blackout Wednesday” because of its reputation as a hard-drinking

Truck crashes cause terrible consequences

The huge size and weight disparity between fully loaded commercial trucks – which can easily weigh 50,000 pounds or more – and standard passenger cars means that when the two collide, injuries disproportionately affect those in the smaller vehicles. On an almost daily basis, news reports from across Tennessee and around the country demonstrate the

Underage DUI: What you – and your child – need to know

For drivers of legal drinking age – 21 or older – “drunk driving” in Tennessee means driving with a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher. When the driver is underage, however, that threshold drops significantly, to just .02. This means that, in many instances, a single drink before getting behind the wheel could result

Failing EpiPens linked to seven deaths so far this year

EpiPen maker Mylan Pharmaceuticals was the subject of a high-profile Congressional inquiry last year. Federal lawmakers investigated the company for alleged price-fixing after published reports showed the price of the life-saving devices skyrocketed from $50 to over $600 in the span of a few short years. Mylan faced lawsuits from rival manufacturers relating to the

A DUI conviction could result in lost job opportunities

We’ve previously discussed the numerous possible penalties and consequences that come with an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). Among these are jail time, fines, higher insurance rates, license suspension and social stigma. Something not often discussed in relation to a DUI conviction is its impact on current and future employment. Depending

Drowsy Driving and the Time Change: 5 FAQs on Preventing Crashes

The transition every fall from Daylight Saving Time back to Standard Time is always difficult. Having to change your clocks isn’t the issue; if you have a smartphone, it will update itself. No, the problem is that disrupted sleep schedules that follow the time change can lead to a spike in drowsy-driving crashes. Losing an hour

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