A DUI conviction could result in lost job opportunities

We’ve previously discussed the numerous possible penalties and consequences that come with an arrest and conviction for driving under the influence (DUI). Among these are jail time, fines, higher insurance rates, license suspension and social stigma.

Something not often discussed in relation to a DUI conviction is its impact on current and future employment.

Depending on the job you currently hold, getting a DUI could lead to dismissal. This is particularly true if driving is a primary component of your position, such as with truckers, mass transit operators, cabbies, postal carriers, delivery drivers, service providers, or any professions in which driving is an essential part of the job

With the extended loss of your driving privileges following a conviction, you might be fired even if driving isn’t necessarily directly tied to your everyday tasks but if being unable to drive prevents you from being able to complete even parts of your job. In addition, a DUI conviction could seriously impact and limit future employment prospects. The majority of employers run criminal history and background checks on prospective employees. Some states have legislation limiting the scope of the checks, but Tennessee has no such law.

With help from your defense attorney, however, you can limit the possible impact of a DUI on your future.

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