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November 2018 Archives

Protecting firefighters from toxic exposure on fire scenes

Are firefighters at a greater risk of cancer? It makes sense that they would be. While buildings once consisted primarily of wood, metal, glass and textiles, today's structures are riddled with asbestos, plastics, polymers and chemical coatings. The housing of a television set, for example, contains benzene, ethylene oxide and formaldehyde, all of which are known to cause cancer. These materials make home fires burn hotter and faster and result in toxic smoke.

Goodyear G159 tires linked to over 100 deaths, never recalled

Did confidential settlements prevent safety regulators from learning about all crashes involving Goodyear's G159 tires? According to an investigation by to the transportation and vehicle website Jalopnik, at least one crash involving the tire was never recorded by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration -- possibly because the people involved were prevented from notifying NHTSA by a confidentiality agreement.

Improperly calibrated breath testing machines do occur

Most DUI arrests and convictions are based on the results of a breath testing machine such as the Intoximeter, Intoxilyzer, Alco-Sensor or Alcotest. As a result, attorneys defending DUI cases often question the accuracy and validity of the breath test. These machines can cause inaccurate results when they are used by untrained personnel, used improperly, or calibrated improperly, as well as in some other circumstances. When evidence suggests the machine may have been used or calibrated improperly, the test results may be found inadmissible.

High-visibility DUI enforcement season about to begin

The holiday season, beginning at Thanksgiving and continuing until after the first of the year, is a dangerous time of year. It's party season, and that means more people will drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Therefore, it's also high-visibility enforcement season.

FDA seeks to ban most flavored e-cigarettes at retail locations

E-cigarettes and nicotine vaporizers have been under increasing scrutiny after dramatic increases in their use by young people. The rate of traditional tobacco smoking is at a record low, but vaping nicotine is increasingly popular among underage youth. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration believes part of the problem is the delicious-sounding flavors vaporizer fluids come in. Therefore, the agency plans to issue a regulation restricting the sale of flavored e-cigarettes at brick-and-mortar retail locations. In addition, it plans to require online purchasers to submit verification of their age.

New traffic safety research targets wrong-way driving crashes

A Florida State University psychology professor has been researching how to prevent wrong-way driver crashes for the Florida Department of Transportation. His research indicates that advanced-technology pavement markers and "smarter" signs could help prevent wrong-way driving, especially among drivers who have been drinking.

Justice Department scrutinizing asbestos trusts for mismanagement

When companies expose workers or customers to asbestos and people develop asbestos-related diseases, those companies can be held legally responsible. Asbestos has been used in various applications due to its heat- and fire-resistance. Unfortunately, it causes the deadly cancer mesothelioma and other serious illnesses.

Avoiding a Thanksgiving DUI

Thanksgiving brings families together for celebrations that involve intense eating of food and drink. It is what makes the holiday so beloved for so many. As the holiday approaches, celebrants who are driving to a party should be cautious not to imbibe too much alcohol with their meals, as it can be dangerous for everyone on the road.

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