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May 2019 Archives

Jury awards at least $25 million in latest J&J talc products case

Johnson & Johnson is facing over 14,000 claims that its talc-based products, Baby Powder and Shower to Shower, can cause ovarian cancer or mesothelioma when used for regular hygiene. Mesothelioma is specifically tied to asbestos exposure, and the plaintiffs argue that J&J's talc supply is tainted with asbestos.

Reasonable suspicion and probable cause in DUI investigations

Have you ever wondered about when can police officers pull you over? The answer is decidedly not "whenever they want to." There is a legal rule for when an officer can stop a car: the officer must have reasonable suspicion that the motorist has committed a traffic offense or is involved in criminal activity.

Cosmetics contaminated by asbestos

Even after years of research showing that exposure to asbestos can lead to mesothelioma, there are still many ways to encounter the dangerous substance. Although some products contain asbestos by design (a practice that is questionable to say the least), an equal but hidden danger is products that were never supposed to contain asbestos in the first place.

e-Scooters may cause significant injuries, including brain trauma

A recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the city of Austin's public health department found that e-scooter injuries are common, even among first-time users, and can be serious. Some of this may be due to lack of helmet use among e-scooter riders. In many cases, riders suspect the e-scooter malfunctioned. It may also be due to rider inexperience.

Could using CBD get you arrested for DUI?

Last year, Congress legalized hemp at the federal level and, by extension, a product called CBD when it's derived from hemp. CBD is a compound found in cannabis -- both marijuana and hemp -- that many people believe has healthful and even medical properties. In Tennessee, medical CBD is only legal for those whose doctors have recommended it for a state-qualifying condition.

Take the Pool Safely Pledge and learn about pool safety today

Have you taken the pledge to "pool safely"? It could help you stay safer -- and keep your kids safer -- when you're enjoying water fun. Many adults simply don't know what is needed to keep children safe at pools and beaches. Here's a pledge that can help you do just that, brought to you by, a Consumer Product Safety Commission website:

Could a medical condition affect your DUI charge?

Yes. There are a number of medical conditions that could affect your breathalyzer reading. If you suspect that your breath test came out unusually high, you should discuss the situation with your criminal defense attorney, as there may be an innocent explanation for at least some of your blood alcohol content.

SCOTUS: Tennessee Valley Authority can be sued over safety

Back in January, we discussed a report that many workers were injured or killed after cleaning up a coal ash spill that contaminated the Clinch and Emory rivers. An unlined containment pond at the Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) Kingston Fossil Fuel Power Plant in Roane County (TN) leaked, sending over 1.5 million tons of coal ash to flood 300 acres.

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