Grad parties don’t have to end in a DUI

Graduation can be an exciting time. It is a tremendous accomplishment and a great excuse to celebrate with family and friends.

No matter what kind of venue you choose to host your graduation party, if there is alcohol, there is a risk that individuals could underestimate how much they have consumed and could overestimate their ability to drive.

Whether you’re hosting a party or helping your friends and family stay safe, here’s what to watch for at graduation parties this summer.

The host with the most

Hosting a graduation party can be a significant event. Not only is it a special occasion, but you may also have friends and family coming in from out of town to help you celebrate.

When it comes time to help your guests stay safe, consider the following:

  • Ask for help. Arrange a few close friends or family members to help guests get to their homes (or hotels) safely.
  • Be prepared for people to sleep over if they need to. While you may not have planned on having overnight guests, it is better to have them stay the night than to risk an accident or DUI.
  • Close the “bar.” Designate a time to stop serving alcohol or only buy a limited supply.
  • Know your guests. Pay attention to underage guests to insure they are not drinking and people who may have reached their limit for the night.

Although it is not always the popular choice at the time, when you are a conscientious host, you can help your guests celebrate responsibly.

Fun with friends

You don’t want to remember this summer as the one when you got a DUI. As you think about the parties and events you have planned to celebrate graduation, consider who will be there and the resources you have for making every grad party a safe one.

•· Take turns. If you and your friends all enjoy drinking to celebrate, consider taking turns who will be the designated driver and drive home from the parties. Being the sober driver can be less daunting when you know you will not have to do it for every party.

•· Share expenses. Paying for a ride home can get expensive, but if you can plan to split the cost of a Lyft, Uber or another ride service, it can help a lot. Also, the cost of a ride home is minimal when compared to the costs of a DUI.

It is possible to enjoy a summer of graduation parties and stay safe. By planning and being aware of how much you have had to drink, you can avoid facing expensive DUI charges, too.

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