Addicted to Purdue Pharma opioids? June 30 deadline for claims

People injured by their opioids can file personal injury claims directly against Purdue Pharma, the manufacturer of the painkillers OxyContin, MS Contin and Ryzolt. Purdue is in bankruptcy, and part of that process involves divvying up the company’s assets among creditors and claimants.

As part of its bankruptcy filing, Purdue settled with several states and local governments that may be worth more than $10 billion. However, no final settlement plan is in place. The federal judge handling the bankruptcy has set a date of June 30 for injured parties, including individuals, entities like hospitals, and governments to file claims.

Once a final settlement is in place, the bankruptcy court will divide up Purdue’s assets among those with injury claims and other stakeholders.

You could be eligible to file a claim if you or a loved one was prescribed any of Purdue Pharma’s opioid painkillers and became addicted to the drug. You could be eligible for a claim even if you or your loved one ultimately used heroin or other illegal opiates after becoming addicted.

If you aren’t sure whether you were prescribed an opioid manufactured by Purdue, contact your pharmacy and consider filing a claim through the bankruptcy court.

You may have an attorney file your claim, but you can also submit your claim through a Prime Clerk website set up for the case.

Most claimants seeking simple justice, recourse

The Associated Press highlighted one woman who plans to file a claim against Purdue. When her son was 13 and 14, he underwent a series of surgeries and was prescribed a 30-day supply of painkillers, including OxyContin. He became addicted and suffered through years of rehab and relapses before dying of a heroin overdose at age 21.

“I spent my whole retirement. I probably spent almost $200,000 on rehab and doctors,” said the mother, who is on a victims committee. “I would like to get my retirement back; I’m not looking for this huge payoff.”

Another member of the victims committee, a 33-year-old man who was addicted to OxyContin as a teen and young adult, thinks it’s important for addicts to know they have some recourse against Purdue. He plans to donate any settlement money he receives from Purdue.

The opioid crisis has claimed over 400,000 lives

According to the AP, since 2000 there have been over 400,000 deaths linked to prescription and illicit opioids. In addition, millions of people may have become addicted to these drugs, including approximately 500,000 children who have been born in withdrawal from opioids.

Purdue and some other opioid manufacturers have been accused of marketing these drugs deceptively.

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