First DUI: with bars and restaurants opening back up – know how to avoid it

Getting behind the wheel when one is under the influence is often not a conscious decision. It is the result of several small decisions that can, unfortunately, lead to criminal charges.

However, the circumstances that could result in a DUI are rarely one-time incidents.

Drunk driving opportunities may occur more often than one would expect

Most people do not intend to drive drunk. In many cases, drivers believe they have waited long enough to let the alcohol wear off and that they can handle driving home. A driver may only have a couple of drinks and not believe themselves to be impaired. And if drivers believe they can handle getting home even after a couple of drinks, they will make that decision more often.

However, it only takes one DUI checkpoint or traffic stop or accident to lead to dangerous consequences and a criminal record that could influence the rest of an individual’s life.

What should drivers do?

All Tennessee drivers must be aware of this risk and each decision they make if they choose to drink alcohol. Even if individuals have managed to get home before, there are many reasons to look for alternatives- so they can avoid a DUI.

It is often helpful to plan ahead, whether that involves arranging a sober driver or planning to take a rideshare home. No matter what, individuals must be consciously aware of each decision they make, so they can protect their rights and their future.

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