Tips: How can you keep kids safe at the lake or pool?

Tennessee summers can be unrelentingly hot. Many families find that one of the best ways to escape the heat is to head to the lake or pool.

A day in or on the water may be fun for the whole family, but it also brings risks. So, how can you keep your family safe at the lake or pool this summer?

Here are some important water safety tips for you to remember.

1. Check public pool inspection scores

All public pools must meet specific requirements under the law. In Tennessee, specialists from the state or county health departments are supposed to inspect public pools at least once a month for:

  • Proper water quality;
  • Safe physical features; and
  • Compliance with safety codes.

Public pools must post the result of their most recent inspection prominently in the pool area. Before taking your family to the pool, it is beneficial to review these inspection scores.

2. Teach your kids about water safety

First, it is critical to ensure your children know how to swim. Register them for swimming lessons if they have not participated yet.

Then, sit your children down and discuss water safety, such as:

  • They must follow all safety rules, such as no running near a pool and wearing a life preserver while on a boat;
  • Keep away from pool drains, which can cause serious injuries; and
  • If possible, swim near a lifeguard or at least within eyesight of a lifeguard.

Children might feel confident once they learn to swim, but they must still know measures they can take to reduce the risk of a day at the lake or pool.

3. Always keep an eye on your kids

Even if your kids know how to swim and you teach them proper safety tips, you should not leave minor children unattended. Lifeguards can be distracted, and drownings can occur quickly and silently.

You can keep an eye on them by playing in the water with them or watching them as they play in the pool. Regardless, an adult should always be present and keep an eye on the kids when they are in the water, even if there is a lifeguard on duty.

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