Taking prescription medication? How to avoid a DUI.

Not many people think about the risk of criminal charges when they take a medication prescribed to them by their doctor. However, some prescription medications can impair drivers and put them at risk of facing a DUI.

Here are three essential tips to help you avoid driving under the influence when taking prescription drugs.

1. Pay close attention to the side effects

Every medication has different side effects – and they impact each person differently. However, certain prescription medications can impact your ability to drive. Common side effects of these medications can include:

  • Headaches;
  • Drowsiness;
  • Dizziness;
  • Blurry vision; and
  • Disorientation.

You should make sure you read the warning labels and potential side effects of the medication before taking it. Additionally, you should also take some time to watch out for any side effects you experience and take note of how the medication makes you feel.

Take time to understand how the medication affects you and avoid getting behind the wheel until you do.

2. Speak with your doctor about your medication regimen

What if your prescription medication does impair you? What can you do?

In these cases, it is helpful to speak with your doctor. Often, you can work together to:

  • Adjust when you take the medicine to avoid impairment;
  • Adjust the dosage of the medication; or
  • Even take a different medication that is similar to reduce side effects.

You should always speak with your doctor before adjusting your medication regimen. However, taking measures to find a medication that does not impair you, can help avoid the risk of a DUI.

3. Use other means of travel

If a prescription medication does have a significant effect on you, you should not overlook it. It is possible to avoid driving and:

  • Arrange a carpool;
  • Hire a rideshare service; or
  • Take Tennessee’s public transportation.

These are all effective strategies. Some people might not want to give up the convenience of driving, but it is better than risking a charge of driving under the influence by medication.

If individuals do face DUI charges involving prescription medications, they should consult an experienced defense attorney to fight these charges and protect their rights.

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