Could nursing home staffing habits spread the coronavirus?

With the elderly and many people with disabilities so vulnerable to COVID-19, every nursing home needs to do everything it reasonably can to prevent the entry or spread of the disease. In a previous blog post, however, we discussed how 20% of U.S. nursing homes are facing severe personal protective equipment shortages or staffing shortages, or both.

FAQ: Do I need uninsured motorist insurance?

Most Tennessee drivers know that state law requires you to have liability auto insurance that covers injuries and property damage if an accident occurs. The state insurance requirements are meant to cover your liability if you are at fault for causing the accident. But what about when you are not at fault? You may have

Should a DUI mean police no longer need a search warrant to enter your home?

When the police enter a home, they generally need a search warrant — or an exception to the search warrant requirement. While there are exceptions, when it comes to your home, the courts take the warrant requirement very seriously. One of the exceptions is “hot pursuit” of a suspect. In such a case, the suspect

Jerry H. Summers publishes ‘Tennessee Trivia No. 1,’ his sixth book

Chattanooga lawyer Jerry H. Summers has just released his sixth book, “Tennessee Trivia No. 1.” It is a compilation of short stories and photos that bring southeast Tennessee’s past to life. The reviews are in and they are positive. Sam Elliott, a Chattanooga attorney, author and historian called Summers’ new book, “a well-researched volume of

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