Know the rules of using an ignition interlock device

Most people know that there is a wide range of consequences they could deal with if they face DUI charges. We have discussed several such penalties in previous blog posts.

The mandatory use of an ignition interlock device is one of those consequences – and individuals must understand all that this requirement entails, so they do not face even more risks.

How long do you have to use an ignition interlock device?

In Tennessee, it is required for individuals to install an ignition interlock device in their vehicle – even after the first DUI.

Dealing with this device can be a hassle, but you must meet a few requirements before you can remove it from the vehicle. After a first offense, you must:

  • Use the device for 365 days consecutively
  • Have no violations in the last 120 days

But what exactly is a violation in using the ignition interlock device?

What counts as a violation?

Ignition interlock devices are more than just a breath test. Federal law requires that these devices record the information of each breath test, including the result, time, date and location.

And it is a violation if the driver:

  • Does a breath test and gets a result of .02 BAC or higher
  • Starts the engine after failing the breath test
  • Does not do the rolling re-test
  • Attempts to manipulate or remove the device

These violations can have significant consequences. They might prolong the time you must have the device installed in your vehicle, lock you out permanently from your vehicle, lead to a restricted license getting revoked or more fines.

Moving forward after a DUI can be difficult, especially when individuals have to deal with the strict rules of ignition interlock devices and programs while they try to reclaim their life. This is why it is critical to fight DUI charges immediately and protect your future.

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