Congress reintroduces bill for national mesothelioma registry

Federal lawmakers have resumed their efforts to establish a national mesothelioma registry to collect data on patients with the intentions of improving research and treatment. On Nov. 5, two New York lawmakers reintroduced the Mary Jo Lawyer Spano Mesothelioma Patient Registry Act of 2021 before Congress. The bill takes its name after a New York woman who

Faulty forensic evidence causes 24% of wrongful convictions

The problem isn’t new. Experts have recognized for more than a decade that much of the forensic science we rely on in criminal cases is flawed or unreliable. In 2009, the National Research Council issued a report to the Justice Department, finding that a great deal of forensic science, especially pattern-matching evidence, is not based

Crash avoidance technology has big benefits for drivers under 25

According to recent studies by the Highway Loss Data Institute (HLDI), crash avoidance features like forward collision warning, lane departure warning and automatic emergency braking are especially effective among drivers under 25. The HLDI performed three separate studies of insurance claims data. The three studies focused on vehicles from Honda, Kia and Subaru. The researchers compared data

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