Beware of getting pulled over for a DUI during the holidays

As we near the end of fall and head into winter, we have many great holidays to look forward to. You may be planning on relaxing with your friends and family and sharing a few drinks. While there’s nothing wrong with a few drinks, nothing will ruin your holidays quite like facing DUI charges for driving while intoxicated.  The best thing to do to avoid a DUI is not to drive by having a designated driver or alternate plan, even after only a few drinks.

An annual trend

Every year during the fall and winter holiday season – especially during Christmas and New Years – Tennessee sees a considerable spike in alcohol-related car accidents. This is largely due to the festive atmosphere and social gatherings where people traditionally consume alcohol.

Certain regions of the state are more dangerous than others during the holiday season. According to the Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security, Hamilton County had the third highest number of alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents statewide, surpassed only by Knox and Davidson Counties.

This means that highway patrol and other law enforcement agencies in Tennessee are on high alert during this season. This means that they take measures such as increasing DUI checkpoints. With the annual spike in drunk driving comes a spike in DUI arrests and convictions. Make sure that you are not part of this year’s holiday DUI statistics.

Avoiding a DUI

Once you start drinking for the evening, it’s best to settle in and stay where you are. If you must go somewhere, find a friend or family member who has not been drinking, and who can give you a ride. Lastly, you can call a taxi or use a ridesharing service.  The cost of a ride home is much less than the cost of a DUI.

It’s best not to risk getting behind the wheel after drinking, even if you are pretty sure that you are below the legal limit. The consequences of misjudging your level of impairment are just too high, and it is not worth the risk.

Do your part to keep yourself, your family members, and other Tennessee residents safe this fall and winter, so that we can all enjoy a memorable holiday season.

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