Is PTSD possible after a crash?

After a car wreck, the mere thought of getting back into a vehicle can make some crash victims anxious. This is understandable. After all, even a minor wreck can be shocking and frightening.

However, if this anxiety is severe and continues long after the accident, it could be a sign of a larger issue.

Post-traumatic stress after a wreck is real

“Trauma” describes any severely distressing experience. A car crash could certainly fall into that category. Therefore, not surprisingly, some people involved in car wrecks experience symptoms of post-traumatic stress that can interfere with and disrupt their daily lives.

Even after physical injuries heal, the emotional and mental impact of a crash can persist. For example, it is common for post-traumatic stress from a wreck to appear as:

  • Severe anxiety or fear of getting behind the wheel again
  • Intrusive memories of the crash
  • Avoiding driving or riding in vehicles
  • Panic attacks or anxiety attacks behind the wheel

These behaviors can also trigger physical responses, such as nausea or excessive trembling and sweating.

You are entitled to collect compensation for suffering

A motor vehicle wreck on Tennessee roads could leave you or a loved one facing physical pain and suffering. However, “pain and suffering” also includes any emotional or mental trauma caused by the crash.

There is no problem with seeking compensation for such suffering. In fact, recovering compensation could help pay for treatment from a mental health professional, such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, and other medical expenses related to the wreck.

Seeking treatment is important, and can be instrumental in helping crash victims heal and overcome the anxiety and post-traumatic stress they may experience.

Document the symptoms

If you or a loved one suffered post-traumatic stress after a car wreck, keep a record of these symptoms. Maintaining a record of physical injuries as well as emotional and mental symptoms can be the key to obtaining the full compensation you deserve.

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