3 things to do when confronted by an aggressive driver

Aggressive drivers are not difficult to spot, especially when one follows you, bumps your car and even points a gun at you. Any of these actions can lead to a motor-vehicle accident with catastrophic injuries or even worse.

Studies have found that aggressive drivers are more dangerous than intoxicated drivers. Their belligerent behavior causes two to four times more traffic fatalities than a drunk driver. In addition, two-thirds of all traffic fatalities and one-third of traffic injuries are attributed to aggressive driving, according to research from the Arizona State University Center for Problem-Oriented Policing.

Stay away from them

Do your best to stay away from these drivers.

This group of dangerous, bad and unstable drivers may resort to tactics such as following too closely, weaving in traffic and cutting off other drivers, speeding, blocking and trapping other drivers, flashing headlights, honking the horn, cursing, screaming, using obscene gestures and even displaying a weapon.

Do not engage

Here are some safety tips to consider if you encounter another driver filled with road rage:

  • Do not engage with an aggressive driver: Doing so may only escalate the situation. No eye contact, no shouting in return.
  • Pull your car over or drive to a safe location and contact police: Provide details of the incident, description of the driver, license plate if possible as well as location and time where and when the harassment began. Safe locations may include a police station, fire station, government building, convenience store and even shopping mall.
  • Do not drive to your residence: You do not want this assailant to know where you live, giving that person the chance to continue to harass you at your home.

An encounter with an aggressive and unstable driver can prove tense. Stay as calm as you can and in control of your emotions. You do not want to become the victim of a serious motor vehicle accident or assault.

Focus on your safety

Anger seems much more present today in society whether at work, in public or driving on the road. It seems as if almost anything may spark a road rage incident. You cannot get into the other driver’s mind, and you do not want to. In such situations, by focusing on the safety of you and your passengers, you may avoid a confrontation that leads to injuries.

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