Do not ignore your mental health after a cancer diagnosis

A mesothelioma or lung cancer diagnosis is something no one expects – as well as something many fear. It changes everything in an instant.

This is why it can take a heavy toll on your mental health on top of the physical effects you experience. As you begin medical treatments for mesothelioma, it can be easy to ignore or overlook stressful emotions, but it is important to address them and take care of your mental health as well as your physical health.

Grieving can involve many emotions

After a diagnosis, it is fairly common to experience the stages of grief. After all, you may indeed be grieving. You and your loved ones may feel different forms of:

  • Denial about the diagnosis or changes it will bring to your life
  • Anger at the manufacturers or suppliers who continued to make and sell asbestos-containing products after knowing its dangers, and who failed to warn you or your loved ones about those dangers
  • Frustration or anger at your former employers, who also may have known of the dangers of asbestos or who may have overlooked its risk
  • Depression about your current situation

Sometimes, you may not only face feelings of depression. Some individuals develop clinical depression after receiving a cancer diagnosis. This is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of, but it is important to address and recognize the signs.

No one will experience a cancer diagnosis in the same way. There are a number of emotions you may feel all at once.

Consider seeking counseling

A stigma remains around mental health struggles, though it decreases every day. It is natural to feel hesitant about seeking mental health counseling. This is especially true if your schedule becomes packed with other appointments for mesothelioma treatment across Tennessee  or Georgia.

Obtaining counseling services can help you understand and manage how you experience these emotions. It can also help you protect your mental health as you undergo treatment.

Your mental health and physical health should carry the same level of importance. While caring for your physical health may take priority at the time after a cancer diagnosis, caring for your mental health is essential as well.

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