Did patients give informed consent when getting HVAD devices?

It’s a tough choice when patients are already very sick. Medical devices sometimes offer the promise of extended life, but they can themselves be risky – or outright defective or unreasonably dangerous. Patients should always be given full information about the potential risks and benefits of any medical treatment or device, but that doesn’t always

Pickups are getting bigger all the time – and that affects safety

Consumers demand ever-bigger pickup trucks to help them “conquer the road.” It’s a cultural phenomenon. Unfortunately, most people don’t realize that the larger these vehicles get, the larger the blind spot they have in the front. Children and shorter adults can be in this blind spot with neither the pedestrian nor the pickup driver being

Are Tesla’s self-driving systems dangerous and defective?

It sounds like a futuristic dream: a fully self-driving car. No more need for human navigation, which could mean an end to crashes caused by driver error, inattention or impairment. Wanting to take a nap or read a book instead of driving? Turn on the autopilot. Unfortunately, today’s semi-autonomous vehicles are not fully self-driving. Many

UPDATE: Peloton recalls its treadmills after child death, injuries

Late last month, we discussed an urgent warning issued by the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that Peloton’s Tread+ treadmill could pull in and entrap children and pets. The agency had received at least 39 complaints of objects, pets or children being pulled under the device’s rear roller and entrapped there. One child died because

CPSC: Peloton Tread+ can pull children, pets under the treadmill

Sales of Peloton equipment, including both stationary bikes and treadmills, have taken off during the pandemic. According to the Associated Press, New York-based Peloton Interactive, Inc., brought in $1 billion in revenue during the final three months of 2020 – more than double its revenue from the same period in 2019. Peloton sells two types

Furniture tip-overs are still killing kids; anchors aren’t enough

Let’s be clear: if you buy a set of bookshelves or a substantial piece of furniture, consider installing wall anchors to the furniture. Wall anchors can help prevent heavy furniture from falling over onto young kids, which can be deadly. The problem is that anchoring doesn’t solve the root problem of instability in furniture. Not

Are booster seats safe? Investigations say testing was faulty

In February 2020, the nonprofit newsroom ProPublica published an investigation into whether Evenflo, a major manufacturer of child booster seats for cars, had falsely claimed that its products were safety tested. ProPublica found that Evenflo’s “Big Kid Booster” seat was advertised as “side impact tested.” The company did perform side-impact tests, but the products failed

Report: Diabetes testing devices can fail, causing injury or death

Insulin pumps, blood glucose monitors and even diabetic testing strips can fail, causing inaccurate readings or even delivering the wrong amount of insulin. When they do, the results can be tragic. According to an investigation by Consumer Reports, diabetes devices are responsible for more adverse event reports submitted to the FDA than any other category

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