July ushered in new alcohol and DUI laws in TN

As the recent weekend’s July 4th celebrations made clear, it is officially July. Now that we are into this steamy month of the summer, we thought you should know that there are a few new laws on Tennessee’s books that involve alcohol. Alcohol laws can impact drinking. Drinking can impact a person’s legal situation.

First off, a new law makes one type of alcohol more available in the state. The sale of wine in grocery stores is now legal, as long as the stores stick to the same laws as liquor stores such as hours laws and no sales on Sundays. This change will certainly result in shopping convenience for many shoppers.

Another new law is a bit odder. Did you know that there are beer brewing courses offered to underage students? Tennessee now allows those students to taste the beer they make in that course without facing charges of underage drinking.

Finally, punishments following DUI and drug charges have changed. Certain DUI convictions will result in a stricter punishment, while some drug crimes will result in lesser sentencing. Those who are convicted of a sixth DUI or more could face more than double the time previously served for the same offense.

Changes in the laws are inevitable, and they are also confusing. In this case, changes in DUI laws are threatening to Tennesseans’ freedom. Especially if you have previous DUI convictions, you shouldn’t wait to seek the help of a criminal defense lawyer who fully understands how serious felony DUI cases are.

In our next post, we will expand on the subject of felony DUI charges and convictions.

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