Chattanooga Felony DWI Defense Lawyers

A felony DUI conviction can have a devastating impact on your ability to live a normal life. The penalties can be much more severe and your ability to obtain a restricted license can be extremely limited. If you are facing charges for any DUI offense, especially one that could result in felony charges, it is critical that you have a strong defense representation behind you from the start.

At the law firm of Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, we have been fighting to protect the rights of people facing serious criminal charges since 1969. Tennessee prosecutors are extremely aggressive in their pursuit of a conviction in felony DUI cases. We provide the strongest possible defense in your case and do everything in our power to avoid a conviction.

Understanding The Consequences In Tennessee Felony DUI Cases

Many of the felony DUI cases we handle involve people who are facing their fourth or subsequent drunk driving offense. These cases are charged as a Class E felony, which is punishable by a year in jail with a required 150 consecutive days served, a mandatory fine of up to $15,000 and license revocation of five years with no possibility of getting a restricted license. You could also have your vehicle seized, be ordered to attend DUI school and install an ignition interlock device at your own expense.

Under Tennessee law, you could also face a felony charge in the following DUI cases:

  • Causing serious bodily injury to another person while driving under the influence
  • Causing a fatal crash while driving with a BAC of .08 percent or higher
  • Aggravated vehicular assault while driving drunk

Things to Know About Your DUI Case in Tennessee.

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