Pushing Back Against Drugged Driving Charges

Law enforcement authorities in Tennessee are increasingly going after drivers for suspected drugged driving. If you are facing charges, it’s important to know your rights and assert them aggressively.

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Do The Police Have Evidence Of Impairment?

With alcohol, police and prosecutors can point to blood alcohol content (BAC) of .08 or above to establish per se impairment. With drugs, however, the dynamics are different. There is no single chemical test for impairment by drugs that is comparable to a Breathalyzer for alcohol.

Instead, police agencies try to rely on drug recognition experts (DREs). These are officers who receive additional training to (supposedly) allow them to detect drug usage. But observations by DREs ultimately come down to very subjective factors.

Researchers are trying to find a chemical test for marijuana, but there are key differences in how the body absorbs THC, the active chemical compound in cannabis, and how it absorbs alcohol. As a result, no Breathalyzer-type test for marijuana has become widely accepted.

The offense of drugged driving also applies to legal substances such as prescription drugs or cold medicine that could conceivably affect the ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Take Action To Assert Your Rights

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