Effective Defense Against Prescription Fraud Charges

As a pharmacist or medical professional, helping patients is second nature to you. But sometimes, when making or prescribing medications, things happen — and you can find yourself being accused of prescription fraud or worse.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, we provide skilled, aggressive defense to clients facing many different types of charges, including drug offenses, Medicare fraud, prescription drug fraud and related charges. With decades of combined experience to draw upon, we can protect your rights and work to resolve the charges against you.

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What Are You Accused Of?

Our firm has comprehensive criminal defense experience that covers a full range of medication-related issues. This includes:

  • Overprescribing  For doctors trying to provide pain relief to patients, it can be easy to run into trouble with guidelines for prescription drugs that govern when medication is medically necessary.
  • Medicare billing fraud  If you bill the government for services they say weren’t needed, the result could be charges of Medicare fraud.
  • Forgery of a prescription  Addiction or other problems can lead to allegations of forged prescriptions for opioids or any other drug.
  • Drug diversion  Nurses and others who deliver medications to patients may divert those drugs to personal uses.

We know how to defend you in all of these situations, using decades of criminal justice experienced.

If you are a medical professional concerned about losing your license, or facing potential criminal charges, our attorneys will work to protect your license and your liberty.

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