Assault And Battery

No matter what type of assault charges you face, a strong defense is critical. Your freedom and your future are at stake.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, in Chattanooga, our attorneys have a proven record of providing highly effective defense against charges of assault, domestic violence and violent crimes. We will defend your rights to the utmost and work skillfully to resolve the situation in the most favorable way possible for you.

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What Type Of Assault Are You Charged With?

Our Tennessee law firm has decades of experience defending clients effectively against a full range of assault charges. This includes:

  • Simple assault – Causing bodily harm, causing another to reasonably fear bodily harm, and extremely offensive touching of another are all considered misdemeanor assault. We will protect your rights if you face such allegations.
  • Aggravated assault – Under Tennessee Code 39-13-102, an assault is aggravated is it results in serious bodily harm or death, or if a weapon or strangulation is involved. This is a felony-level charge that could result in years of prison time.
  • Domestic violence – Accusations of domestic abuse are always sensitive and must be defended accordingly.
  • Sexual assault – Sexual offenses carry a stigma that can have immediate effects. Our defense lawyers will take your side and work for a favorable resolution.

Led by veteran attorney Jerry Summers, our defense team knows how to respond aggressively in all of these situations. We will investigate the facts thoroughly and build a strong defense that protects your legal fights.

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