Bringing A Third-Party Claim After A Work Injury

If you got hurt at work and a person or company other than your employer was at fault, you may be wondering whether your financial recovery is limited to workers’ compensation.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers, our attorneys are known for helping injured people pursue proper compensation. When a work injury was caused by someone other than your employer or co-worker, or by some defective product or equipment, we can help you bring what is called a third-party claim against that individual or manufacturer.

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Was A Party Other Than Your Employer At Fault?

The general rule is that workers who get hurt on the job are eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits regardless of whether the employer was at fault. The trade-off, for workers, is that your recovery is limited to workers’ comp; you can’t also bring a personal injury lawsuit against your employer.

This is what is commonly referred to as the “exclusive remedy” rule. In other words, your remedy against your employer is exclusively limited to that which is provided in the workers’ compensation laws.

If the injury was caused by the negligence or wrongdoing of a third party, however, the situation is different. You may be able to bring legal action against that party and recover an amount that exceeds workers’ comp.

Our lawyers handle a full range of third-party cases, including claims against:

  • Construction contractors who work for a different employer
  • Landlords or other property owners responsible for dangerous property conditions
  • Vehicle drivers who crash into someone who is driving for work
  • Manufacturers of defective products

The advantage of bringing such a claim is that it can potentially bring a much larger recovery than workers’ compensation alone. We will evaluate your options to explain them and help you assert your rights.

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