Compensation For Nursing Home Falls

A bad fall can be devastating and potentially fatal for an older person, so you’d think nursing homes would do their best to prevent them, right?

Unfortunately, they often don’t. In many cases, nursing or rehab facilities fail to exercise ordinary care to prevent falls — causing grievous injuries and many deaths.

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What Caused Your Love One To Fall?

Your family member may have gone into the care facility after experiencing falls at home. This is very common, given that 7 million people over 65 are injured every year in falls.

That is why nursing homes are supposed to perform a fall-risk assessment of each patient. Facilities are also supposed to create a facility-wide fall prevention plan.

But even when these plans are in place, nursing homes often fail to follow through. They often leave residents with balance issues to fend for themselves, without help from an aid. This failure to monitor residents leads to many falls.

To make matters worse, facilities often overdo it on giving medication to residents. Excessive medication has the effect of making many residents more susceptible to falls that cause broken bones, brain damage and other devastating injuries — sometimes fatal ones.

Our law firm has a proven record of helping families pursue proper compensation from negligent nursing homes in these cases. If your family member has suffered a serious injury or died a wrongful death, we can help you hold the care facility accountable.

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