Breath Tests and Blood Tests in DUI Arrests

The seriousness of a DUI charge cannot be stressed enough. DUI convictions are non-expungeable, meaning they will always be on your record. Furthermore, there are graduated penalties for any subsequent offenses. Your future, whether you are a college student, young professional or business executive, rides on the skills of your defense attorney.

One of the major components of a DUI defense is examining the breath and blood tests. This includes how the examinations were conducted, under what circumstances, their accuracy and much more. Only an experienced and skilled DUI defense attorney can effectively review your specific case and make valid arguments in your favor.

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How Accurate Are Breath Tests (Breathalyzers)?

There are a variety of things that can be examined to look at the accuracy of your Breathalyzer result. Every case is different, with its own unique set of circumstances: the experience of the officer who may have conducted the test, the calibration of the Breathalyzer, retracing steps for whether proper protocol was followed, adherence to investigation procedures and even the science behind testing. Our lawyers are rigorous in determining the accuracy of a Breathalyzer administration as well as its results.

Is It Legal to Force a Blood Test?

You have every right to refuse to take a blood or Breathalyzer test but in the same token law enforcement have every right to ask you to take it — refusal can mean an automatic license suspension and other penalties. It is always in your best interest to cooperate fully with law enforcement. But you cannot be physically forced to take any tests — keeping in mind the potential consequences, however. The best thing you can do is to obtain an attorney immediately who can advise you in your specific situation.

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