Watching Out For Autonomous Vehicle Dangers

Self-driving cars and trucks, sometimes called autonomous vehicles, are not yet in wide use, but they are causing more and more crashes, including fatal crashes.

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Who Is Liable For A Self-Driving Car Or Truck Accident?

Self-driving vehicles are not alike. For example, the autonomous vehicle by Tesla allows the driver to disengage the autopilot feature to take control of the vehicle.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has a classification for cars with self-driving features that also involve some degree of human control, ranging from Level 0 to Level 4. The Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) contributed to the development of these classifications.

Fully autonomous, or so-called Level 5 autonomous cars, are not legal on most public roads in the U.S.

The basis for liability for accidents caused by self-driving vehicles will be an evolving area of the law for years to come. The legal ground for lawsuits may shift from negligence law to product liability law. This means that when a defect causes injury or death, software companies that make the computer technology may be liable along with traditional automotive manufacturers.

We will continue to monitor the latest developments in automotive technology to see how safe they are and what legal claims can be made when crashes occur.

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