Pursuing Compensation After An RV Or ATV Crash

Getting out of town for a getaway is usually lots of fun. But recreational opportunities can also result in serious accidents and injuries that do great harm.

At Summers, Rufolo & Rodgers in Chattanooga, we can help you pursue full and fair compensation for all sorts of injuries caused by others’ negligence. This includes crashes involving RVs, ATVs and other vehicles.

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Were You Injured By An RV?

The term “recreational vehicle” (RV) includes several different types of vehicles. These include campers used mainly on the weekend and “fifth wheels” equipped for travelling cross-country on long trips.

Such vehicles are susceptible to crashes because of their large size, limited maneuverability and driver unfamiliarity. They require drivers who are paying full attention.

If an RV hit you, it may have been because its driver was drunk, distracted or otherwise negligent. If that was the case, we can help you hold the driver and their insurance company accountable for the RV accident.

In other cases, it may have been defective parts on your RV that caused a crash. In those situations, we can guide you in exploring a potential products liability claim against the manufacturer of the RV.

ATV Crashes And Your Rights

Product liability claims are also possible if a defect on your all-terrain vehicle (ATV) caused a crash. Our firm has the litigation skills to handle all types of ATV accident claims, whether it was only one vehicle involved or several.

We also are strong advocates for people injured in boating accidents.

In short, our attorneys have the strong litigation skills needed to handle claims involving all sorts of recreational accidents. This means aggressively asserting your right to seek compensation for injuries caused by others’ fault or wrongdoing.

Taking Action

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