Did Your Child Suffer Birth Defects Caused By Zofran?

As a parent, it’s devastating to discover your child has birth defects. But if your doctor prescribed Zofran to relieve morning sickness while you or your loved one was pregnant, defects such as heart defects or a cleft palate may have been the result.

That is why hundreds of families across the country have sued GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for marketing Zofran to pregnant women without government approval and failing to warn of the risks.

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Should Zofran Have Been Marketed To Pregnant Women?

Zofran is the name given by GlaxoSmithKline to a drug generically called ondansetron. It is in a class of medications designed to prevent nausea and vomiting by blocking the substance (serotonin) that may cause those conditions. It has been prescribed off-label to treat morning sickness in expectant mothers.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved Zofran for certain cancer treatment follow-up (after chemotherapy or radiation). The FDA has also approved it for use after surgery.

But the FDA has never approved Zofran for treating morning sickness in pregnant women. Despite this lack of approval, GSK marketed the drug to those women without warning of the risk of birth defects.

What Type Of Birth Defect Did Your Child Suffer?

The birth defects caused by Zofran are all serious. Besides heart defects, they include cleft lip or palette and skull deformities, as well as club foot.

For general information on concerns about Zogran, you can read this article from the Toronto Star.

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