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April 2017 Archives

4 conditions that can look a lot like intoxication

Police look for some telltale signs of intoxication when they pull drivers over in Tennessee. They look for bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and the smell of alcohol as soon as they approach your car. If they conduct field sobriety tests, they watch for confusion, loss of balance and difficulty concentrating or performing simultaneous tasks. 

DUI license suspensions issued in other states could hold in TN

Ignorance of the law is no defense. That is something any experienced attorney will tell you. Because laws vary from state to state, it is possible that you could face consequences you never anticipated if you are charged and convicted of driving under the influence. If you broke the law, you will have to deal with the penalties and the record. Mounting a strong defense is called for.

Can I get a restricted license after DUI in Tennessee?

Not having a driver's license can be far more problematic than people realize. Not only can you have trouble getting to work and picking up your kids, you can also be seriously limited in when you can run errands, go to the doctor and meet friends out for dinner. You may be able to rely on public transportation and the help of friends and family, but over time these options can be expensive and tedious. 

Who is the 'third wave' of people being exposed to asbestos?

Asbestos was a commonly used mineral in a huge number of products up through the 1980s. People who worked in construction, mining, shipping, plumbing, industrial insulation and firefighting routinely were exposed to asbestos through the course of their jobs.

EpiPen and EpiPen Jr. recall expanded to the U.S.

Tennessee residents who rely on EpiPens to help them deal with sudden life-threatening allergic reactions should be aware that that Mylan, the pharmaceutical company that distributes the device, has issued a recall. It affects certain lots of EpiPens and the children's version EpiPen Jr. that were sold in seven countries, including the United States.

Tennessee focuses on dangers of drugged driving

Driving while under the influence of drugs has contributed to more traffic fatalities in Tennessee since 2015 than driving under the influence of alcohol. Dangerous driving under the influence of drugs is not limited to illegal substances. Using prescription drugs such as Xanax while driving may also impair a driver.

Legal guidance for those facing multiple DUI charges

People who are charged more than once with driving under the influence of alcohol can be severely penalized if they are convicted. This is because Tennessee has strict laws on the books against drunk drivers, and when a person faces multiple DUI charges, those penalties are typically compounded.

Johnson & Johnson battles thousands of lawsuits

Johnson & Johnson is currently the defendant in over 100,000 lawsuits, and many of them involve defective drugs and medical devices. People in Tennessee hurt by these products might have to be patient because the company appears to willing to fight claims for damages in court whenever feasible.

Types of elder abuse

When Tennessee residents think about elder abuse, they may only think about a lack of care or mistreatment from nursing staff. However, there are actually different types of behavior that can be considered elder abuse. Further, elder abuse can be committed by anyone who has a special relationship with the elderly person, such as a spouse, family member or hired caretaker.

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