Can I lose my nursing license if I get a DUI?

Getting a nursing license is no easy task. It takes hours upon hours of studying, test taking and clinic hours before you can get that treasured nursing license that can lead to a job as a nurse. But what happens if the police stop your vehicle and accuse you of drunk driving?

Is that it — was all that work in vain?

Unfortunately, this is a valid concern. As noted in a recent article that delves into this issue in Registered Nursing, the answer will depend on a variety of factors. Some questions that can help you figure out how this situation could impact your license include the following:

Was anyone hurt?

The allegations may trigger an investigation by the state’s licensing board. That investigation will look into the details of the incident. Did an officer simply stop your vehicle because you forgot to use your turn signal? Was there an accident and someone was seriously injured? The answers to these types of questions will likely impact the board’s decision.

Were there criminal charges?

If a traffic stop leads to criminal charges, it is important to act promptly to build a defense to the allegations. Getting the charges reduced or dismissed can help you in your fight to keep your nursing license.

Do you have a record?

Additional hurdles are present if you have a history of these or similar types of offenses.

Although nurses may need to fight to keep their licenses after getting pulled over for drunk driving, it is possible to win those battles. It is also important to note that the licensing board has many options. Instead of revoking your nursing license, they could implement other consequences like a fine or suspension.

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