Random alcohol testing in the Marine Corps

In an effort to reduce on-duty drunkenness, the Marine Corps established a twice annual random breath test for blood alcohol levels. All ranks will participate in this screening. The Corps concluded that alcohol abuse factors into many societal problems among Marines, on- or off-duty. Some marines consider two or three six-packs to be social drinking. The screening

More DUI arrests in Tennessee this year and this holiday

In a recent meeting, Tennessee’s Commissioner of Safety and Homeland Security Bill Gibbons discussed some of his predictions about state arrests during 2012. In the state, drunk driving is already taken seriously and law enforcement focus reflects that. The reflection of how seriously the state takes DUI cases has supposedly intensified in 2012. According to

Just a Traffic Ticket?

Unless you are a commercial truck driver with a Commercial Drivers’ License (“CDL”), most licensed Tennessee drivers don’t know the collateral consequences of a speeding ticket or traffic offense, either in state or elsewhere. Tennessee, like most states, attaches a number of points to your driving history with the Department of Safety based on the

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